Friday, July 8, 2011

CM7 is installed on the Nook

Spent about 15 ~ 30 minutes last night, and was able to wipe clean the stock Nook Color, install CM7 and have full functional Android Tablet on hand.  The experience is much better.  The screen feels much smoother and more sensitive.  It also feels faster to respond, less lag.  Was playing Angry Bird and few other games, and it's very smooth.  It's comparable to HTC Evo 4G, and definitely more superior than LG Optimus S (mid range Android phone).

What's been installed?
- Amazon Apps as well as all of my Free Apps from
- All of Google Apps: Gmail, Maps, Market, etc
- Facebook
- Pulse

To do list:
- Netflix install, as I can't download it easily from the Market.  It says device is not compatible with it.
- Overclock it to 1100 Mhz

I will post separately the few easy steps taken to root & install CM7 to convert Nook Color into full blown Android Tablets

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nook Color has arrived

After contemplating whether I need a tablet or not, I finally jump on the gun to buy a refurbish Barnes & Nobles Nook Color for $190.  Why Nook Color?

For one, I'm still not convinced if I need a tablet right now, as I like to do my web browsing on a PC or a Laptop with bigger screen with keyboards & mouse.  I also have an Evo 4G for my portable device.  So why do I have to lug around another gadget?

The second reason is the price point, $190+tax is easier to shell out than $500 ~ $700 for full blown tablet.

The third reason is overclocking.  The Nook Color itself comes with 800Mhz chip, but there has people reporting that they're able to Overclock the processor speed to 1100Mhz.

The last reason is because there are many development out there to hack Nook Color.  Cynogenmod7 has a pretty stable Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) ROM for Nook Color.  This is a very popular ROM for most or many Android devices.  There are others too who tried to port the latest Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) into the Nook Color.  Although, there are some Honeycomb ROM available out there at the time of this writing, they still have issues.  They're not fully 100% functioning, therefore, won't be a good candidate for daily use.

The Nook Color came in last night, and I didn't get a chance to play with it too much.  It is still a book reader, therefore not a full tablet.  For now, I find Evo 4G is faster and more responsive.  The goal for today is to flash and install CM7 on it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Netflix is back on Evo!!

Yay - finally Netflix is back up and running on Evo 4G with Gingerbread...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Change depth of fields after pictures is taken

There's a new technology out there which allows you to change the depth of fields after the pictures are taken.  This new technology is called Light Field technology which captures a lot more information at than your typical camera today.  It is really amazing of what they can do, and this will change everything.

Have you ever taken a picture of someone or something, and only to realize later that someone or something is out of focus because the camera was focus on something else?

This new Light Field technology will change that - there will be no more "bad" pictures.

Check out the video below, and play with their demo to show you how to manipulate the focus or depth of fields on camera after the picture is taken

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Netflix is still not available after Evo 4G Gingerbread update?

Finally got the Gingerbread OTA update (4.24.651.1) which supposed to fix the Netflix, but apparently Android Market is still not recognizing my software version.

Here's what I did this morning:
- Manually update the software thru OTA by going to MENU --> SETTINGS --> SYSTEM UPDATES --> HTC SOFTWARE UPDATE
- Once the phone goes thru the update and reboot, I tried going into Netflix
- Still blank screen and not responding
- Check the market, and didn't see any Update for Netflix
- Decided to uninstall Netflix app from the phone
- Try to re-install the app from in phone app, and couldn't find it
- Try to re-install the app from and got below message.

Gingerbread OTA update (4.24.651.1) for HTC EVO 4G goes live

Finally the Gingerbread update for HTC Evo 4G is being rolled out. One of the item to be fix is for Netflix. Looking forward to get this update. I've been manually checking my phone for the update.

- SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact
- "Me" instead of "Yo" in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish
- Unable to stream media thru some applications after updating to 3.70
- Email attachments are not displayed in the mail client
- Multiple Gmail accounts no longer sync after FroYo update
- Fix for battery discharge issue
- Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
- Downloads management- The Downloads application gives the user easy access
   to any file downloaded from the browser, email,or another application
- Corrects voicemail notification issue (from 4.22.651.2)
- Corrects issue with hearing aid compatibility menu disappearing (from 4.22.651.2)
- Netflix compatibility (from 4.22.651.2)

Gingerbread OTA update (4.24.651.1) for HTC EVO 4G goes live

Monday, May 9, 2011

Llama the Best Android Apps. A Must Have!!

What is the common complaints you hear about your smartphones?
The most common complaints about your smartphones is the battery life.  Smartphones offer so much in so little, that they practically sacrifice your battery life for the features they have to offer.  Yes, your smartphone will not be able to be without charge for more than 8 hours.  Some are actually worst, they only hold charge for 4 hours. When I got my Evo 4G about a year ago, I could only live 4 hours in between charger.  That's the reason why I have my phone charger at home, at work, and in every car I own.

Many websites and people have wrote many articles about it, and most of them came down to one thing, which is to actively toggle your components.  For example, if you're not using your map, turn off your GPS, turn off your Bluetooth if there's no Bluetooth device around, on and on and on....  It took some getting used to, to be able to think what to turn off or on in relation to where I am.  I must admit, practicing this toggle on/off has increased my battery life from about 4 hours a day to 8 hours a day.  It is very annoying.  Yes - the fact it's Android phone, it helped me a bit, as I can create widgets on my main screen, so I can easily tap on different widgets to toggle the on/off switch for different components.

Why can't the phone be smart enough to know what I need and when?
Today I found a very smart solution.  It's an app called Llama. It is a Location Profile app, that is smart enough or able to detect where I am based on cell tower around me.  Further I can setup rules and actions depending upon my location.  For example, I can create an events called "Left Home".  Within that events, I setup to Turn Off Wi-Fi (as I do not like to use public Wi-Fi), Turn On Bluetooth (as my car is equipped with Bluetooth), and Change the Profie to Normal.  I then created something similar for "Arrive Home", which will Turn On Wi-Fi, Turn Off Bluetooth, Turn Off GPS, and Profile to quiet.  I can do this for my work, and many other common places I go to.  I can also change settings based on my Calendar entries.

Why do I love this apps?
It is great to have a smart apps work for me.
It is wonderful that I can setup all of my Events within 5 minutes of installing the apps.
It is very easy to use, everything is a matter of tap here, and tap there.
The best of all is this App is totally FREE!!  It has 5/5 stars in the market.

Good job Llama developer!! I Love this apps.  I definitely recommend this app to be installed on every Android device out there.