Monday, November 22, 2010

PrintKey v.3.0 Freeware

Printkey is a small very useful utility to capture the screenshot of what's on monitor.  This PrintKey utility allows you to easily send full image of your monitor screen or partial image of your monitor screen in seconds.

See PrintScreen in action:
  • Click here to download Printkey v.3.0.
  • Save the Printkey.exe on your desktop
  • Activate the Printkey.exe by double clicking the exe file
  • As soon as you click on it, you'll see the icon in the bottom corner of your screen 
  • Now you're ready to use it!  Just click on the Print Screen button on your keyboard (usually between the alpha and numeric section of the keyboard or next to F12 key on the top.
  • When Print Key button is clicked, you'll see a window pop up, and you'll have the option either to Print, Copy the image to paste to a Word or Outlook, and to Save the image as JPG.
  • If you like to do partial of the screen, when the PrintKey window pop up, you can hit CTRL+R to draw the rectangle you like to capture or alternatively go to FILE --> GET RECTANGULAR AREA.
Why PrintScreen 3.0?  Because this is the last Freeware version of PrintScreen, and it's been tested and worked in all of the windows version.  This utility is no longer needed in Windows 7 version, as Microsoft is finally realized that this is a great utility and should come free in Windows Operating System.

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  1. I prefer FastStone Capture. A very useful small footprint screen capture program. You can do annotations or "draw", pick a color on the screen, etc. You can save as PDF.

    It's used to be a freeware, but one still can find an older version. Here is one...